Funko POP News Micro Update 12.0

Here’s your regular Funko POP News updates for all the smaller stories of the day updated as they come!

  1. Funko Dorbz and Funko POPs have been nominated for their chance to win the most collectible Toy for 2016 award, if you would like to contribute to that then feel free to click here and vote.
  2. Rey in Finn’s Jacket and Anakin Target Exclusive POPs are now hitting stores nationwide. Both have the DPCI of 087-06-3615
  3. Funko had their regular Q&A session today, here’s a couple of things they revealed
    1. Parks and Recreation POPs coming soon.
    2. Overwatch wave 2 POPs early 2017, including D.Va and McCree!
    3. Next years D23 expo will have Funko exclusives.
    4. Possible POPs of Dale, Lori and Beth from TWD.
    5. More WWE POPs coming.
    6. Possible Scrubs POPs.
    7. More POP Pets.
    8. More Scott Pilgrim.
    9. Possible products from the LOST TV Show.
    10. The 100 POPs revealed soon.
  4. Starting to make more regular posts now that i’m better.
  5. Happy December!

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Walmart Exclusive Funko Dorbz Blowout! Disney & More!

Ready for some Walmart Exclusive Funko Dorbz? How about 6? Well here they come!

It would seem according to some recent photos that Walmart is going all out on a new exclusives push and this time it’s all about the Dorbz. Usually you would seem 1 maybe 2 at the most for upcoming store exclusives, so 6 brand new store exclusives for Walmart in one go is certainly out of the ordinary! And Dorbz at that, as Walmart isn’t know hugely for its exclusive Dorbz, but it seems that changed since the introduction of their first exclusive Dorbz in the Walmart Black Friday Mystery Box. What are the Dorbz in question you may ask? Well we have 2 from Strawberry Shortcake, 2 from Disney’s Aladding and 2 from DC Heroes (one of which is a Dorbz version of the elusive ZEA Batman). Shots and info coming up!

DC Heroes – Zur En Arrh Batman Dorbz #231 (Walmart Exclusive)

Walmart Exclusive Funko Dorbz Zur En Arrh

DC Heroes – Batgirl Dorbz #232 (Walmart Exclusive)


Disney’s Aladdin – Jasmine Dorbz #? (Walmart Exclusive)


Disney’s Aladdin – Abu Dorbz #? (Walmart Exclusive)


Strawberry Shortcake – Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz #260 (Walmart Exclusive)


Read more to see more!



Funko Shop Exclusive Christmas Stitch Dorbz! Out Now!

On day one of the Funko 12 days of Christmas Santa brings you the Funko Shop Exclusive Christmas Stitch Dorbz!

For your first Christmassy Funko helping of the season, we have this super cute Christmas Stitch Dorbz! Or in other words, Santa Stitch or hm .. Stitch Claus? One of those will do. It’s safe to say Funko is going to have a good amount of success with these Christmas themed items, and then combining that with Disney? Well that’s just a guaranteed win. As for me though i think i will be holding off on this little guy for now, Funko has already got me way too many times with their shipping costs! So i will probably wait until closer to the end of the 12 days and pick up a few things then so i can combine my shipping. Even though he is limited to 10,000 pieces he’s doing far better than poor Wally Gator! Glam shots and info coming up!

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch – Christmas Stitch #246 (Funko Shop Exclusive LE 10,000) $9.99 – Click me to buy!

Funko Shop Exclusive Christmas Stitch Dorbz 246

Money Saving Tips: Nothing i can give you here sadly, Funko Shop doesn’t do coupons, cashback or anything like that. Only thing i can say is try and combine shipping wherever possible!


Funko Announces the 12 Days of Christmas! Exclusives?

Are you excited for the Funko 12 Days of Christmas? If you’re reading this then you probably should be!

Funko 12 Days of Christmas

Funko did a similar thing last year, but of course last year the Funko Shop didn’t exist! So this year there is a lot more room for exclusives to just show up. Last year what they did was every day they would announce various new lines that were coming to Funko to drum up excitement. What should we expect this year? A combination of new lines and exclusive releases? Only time will tell! It would certainly be exciting if they released a brand new Christmas related Funko item every day, though at the same time that would drive people crazy with their ridiculous shipping policy. We will see!

To visit the official Funko Shop and see what they have to offer, feel free to click right here!

King Kong Skull Island Funko POP! Coming January!





Funko Shop Exclusive Yummy Mummy Dorbz Ride! Out Now!

Dorbz Ridez: Yummy Mummy

$25 + shipping


Walgreens Exclusive Kamala Khan Funko POP! Back in Stock!

back in stock for those who wanted her