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Hot Topic Exclusive Tyrant Funko POP! Out Now!

Take this monster home to your collection, the Hot Topic Exclusive Tyrant Funko POP! A classic enemy from a video game i think you all know, the iconic Resident Evil. This guy comes in at 6 inches, ok no jokes please .. maybe just a little. One thing of note is that there are two versions […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Lady & The Tramp Funko POP! Out Now!

Disney and cute dogs combined? Say hello to the upcoming Hot Topic Exclusive Lady & The Tramp Funko POP! To coincide with the Hot Cash event Hot Topic have released this super cute Disney 2 Pack, from the classic film Lady and the Tramp. This 2 pack combines a lot of things that will make it […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Ego Funko POP & Dorbz! First Look!

Come take a look at the villain of the upcoming film with the Guardians of the Galaxy Ego Funko POP and Dorbz! Here are the shots of the .. as yet .. un announced Ego POP and Dorbz! He we see the apparent villain of the next Marvel adventure, also known as the Living Planet. That’s […]

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FPN Giveaway 2.0! The Arrow Winner Announced!

This blog’s second giveaway has ended! The FPN Giveaway 2.0 winner has been chosen. I hope you all enjoyed the second giveaway! I say enjoy .. though it’s not exactly fun to enter a giveaway, the fun is all in the winning of course! The winner of this competition is Carlos H, congratulations Carlos. Know your POP […]

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Funko POP News Micro Update 50.0

Day 50? How did we get here, i guess the stories never end! Have some micro Funko POP News for the day!

  1. Spoiler Alert! Funko has done a full un-boxing of the January Smuggler’s Bounty Box here! Spoiler Alert!
  2. A new teaser trailer has been revealed for the Legion of Collectors “Superman” themed March Box.
  3. On the same note, Collector Corps has also revealed a teaser. This time for their “Showdowns” theme February box!
  4. Jason Bischoff says the Walmart Exclusive Alpha 5 will be released any day now.
  5. A Forbes article states that as of this Spring Funko will have a presence in every Walmart store in the country, and also that Funko will be self managing the Funko sections. So hopefully that will be a good sign.
  6. Spoiler Alert! Continuing on from Funko’s announcement that the March Smuggler’s Bounty will be Star Wars: Rebels themed, they have revealed an item that will be inside! Spoiler Alert!
  7. Loot Crate Exclusive golden haired Goku is up for sale again on their site.
  8. Jason Bischoff says that the Metallic Black Ranger POP hasn’t been picked up by anyone, some websites reported that it was going to be a Walmart Exclusive but that was false information.
  9. Entertainment Earth have dropped a teaser of an upcoming Exclusive product they will have, it’s Beauty and the Beast themed and a Funko product. But whether it’s a POP or other is unknown.
  10. GameStop is still running their buy 1 get 1 50% off on POPs and Dorbz. Here are some deals.
    1. If you still want them you can get some GOTG Dorbz for $0.35 each .. quite a bargain.
    2. You can grab these GameStop exclusive Dorbz on sale. The prices below get even cheaper if you get two as the second is 50% off
      1. Aurora in Blue Dress $4.97
      2. Black Suit Vision $4.97
      3. Astral Doctor Strange $5.97
      4. Malcolm Merlin $5.97
      5. Boo in Monster Outfit $5.97
      6. False God Superman $5.97
      7. Elizabeth Swan $5.97
      8. Reverse Deadpool $5.97
      9. GITD Hulk $5.97
      10. Burlap Oogie Boogie $5.97
      11. Stan Lee SDCC $7.97
  11. Harley in Dress Pocket POP is out at Hot Topic, this is a Hot Topic exclusive.

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Walmart Exclusive Glitter Disney Princess Funko POPs! First Look!

Not had your fill of princesses yet? Well the just released Walmart Exclusive Glitter Disney Princess Funko POPs might help! Walmart has got their hands on the next 3 Disney Princess exclusives! These feature a semi translucent dress that has glitter inside it, this is in the same vein as the Hot Topic exclusive Ariel. What […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Logan Funko POP! Out Now!

Come grab yourself some of Hugh Jackman with the now released Hot Topic Exclusive Logan Funko POP! Sorry this isn’t the real Hugh Jackman however tempting that may be! This is one of two Hot Topic exclusives surrounding Logan, the other is their limited Dorbz which i haven’t managed to grab just yet. There’s a few […]

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