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Guardians of the Galaxy Ego Funko POP & Dorbz! First Look!

Come take a look at the villain of the upcoming film with the Guardians of the Galaxy Ego Funko POP and Dorbz! Here are the shots of the .. as yet .. un announced Ego POP and Dorbz! He we see the apparent villain of the next Marvel adventure, also known as the Living Planet. That’s […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Logan Funko POP! Out Now!

Come grab yourself some of Hugh Jackman with the now released Hot Topic Exclusive Logan Funko POP! Sorry this isn’t the real Hugh Jackman however tempting that may be! This is one of two Hot Topic exclusives surrounding Logan, the other is their limited Dorbz which i haven’t managed to grab just yet. There’s a few […]

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Hot Topic Exclusive Baby Groot Funko Dorbz! First Look!

Come get a first look at the upcoming Hot Topic Exclusive Baby Groot Funko Dorbz! Well .. i say first look, but you have seen this guy before. The glam shot that is, as i’m sure you all know the glam shots are the 3D generated images of POPs and Dorbz which always look better than […]

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Netflix Marvel’s Jessica Jones Funko POP! First Look!

Come get your first peak at your favorite no nonsense hero, the Jessica Jones Funko POP! Coming not long after the reveal of the Luke Cage Funko POP, we have the JJ POP! And she looks pretty good to me, but know i do love the show so i might be slightly biased in that respect. […]

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Toys R Us Exclusive Gwenpool Funko POP! Out Now!

Henchman hero herself Toys R Us Exclusive Gwenpool Funko POP is now out! The first of the Gwenpools to be released! And it’s the Toys R Us version, i certainly grabbed her as soon as she came up as she’s undoubtedly awesome. You can see the original article here which reveals all 3 of the Gwenpool […]

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Iron Man & Captain America Funko Wobblers! Coming This Month!

Add something different to your collection with the upcoming Iron Man & Captain America Funko Wobblers!

These are the first two Marvel items in their new Wobblers line, replacing their traditional Wacky Wobblers. Well at least i think they’re replacing them .. the wobblers are much more attractive, but the Wacky Wobblers have been around in Funko for such a long time. The line started with NFL Wobblers, Star Wars, DC and now Marvel. Judging from other upcoming products it seems they are here to stay! They’re certainly getting more releases than the rarity of Vinyl Vixens. What are your thoughts on this new line? I don’t mind them, know i want Harley Quinn Wobbler at least as that one’s quite cute. Glam shots and info coming up!

Marvel – Iron Man Wobbler

Iron Man & Captain America Funko Wobblers

Marvel – Captain America Wobbler


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Sweet Christmas. Marvel’s Gwenpool Funko POPs! Coming February!

She’s a henchman not a hero, Marvel’s Gwenpool Funko POPs are coming your way soon! Looks like we’re getting someone .. equally .. as crazy to join Deadpool, which one will take pride of place in your collections? You decide. Not 1 but 3 variations of Gwenpool are hitting stores this February, one of them […]

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