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GameStop Exclusive Hyper Blanka Funko POP! Out Now!

We found him fighting in the Streets .. it’s the¬†GameStop Exclusive Hyper Blanka Funko POP! Come and get your hands on your little yellow friend .. well he’s not so little i suppose, or friendly! But if you’re a fan of electric shocks it might be your thing. This is one of two GameStop exclusive […]

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Awesome Street Fighter Funko POPs! Coming October 2016!

I hope you’re looking forward to these new¬†Street Fighter Funko POPs as much as i am!

This awesome new addition to the Funko POP line adds your favorite Street Fighter characters, including Ryu, Ken and high kicking Chun-Li, of course! You may have seen these before as they were first shown off at SDCC 2016 but under the POP Asia line. This time for their western release, they will be under the POP Games name. Number 154 Hot Ryu as far as i know is a GameStop exclusive (even though he doesn’t have a sticker in the picture) as you can pre-order him as such. These should be hitting around October, glam shots and info coming up!

Chun-Li #136

Street Fighter Funko POPs

Ryu #137


Ken #138


Cammy #139


Blanka #140


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